Jos Louis
Jos Louis Box

Sold by

Vachon, Inc.


Cake, Red Velvet, Milk Chocolate

Jos Louis is a plastic-wrapped confection consisting of two red velvet cake rounds with a cream filling within a milk chocolate shell created by Vachon, Inc. It resembles a chocolate version of the May West dessert. It was created in 1932, and named after two of the Vachon sons, Joseph and Louis ("Jos." is a traditional contraction of "Joseph").

Variations Edit

The Jos. Louis is also available in a 30-gram half-moon shape, called the 1/2 Jos. Louis. The Jos. Louis is also made in a bar-shaped version called the Jos. Louis bar. The bar contains the normal cream filling found in the Jos. Louis and also has a chocolate filling and weighs 53 grams. The ½ Moon cake produced by Vachon Inc. is essentially a Jos. Louis without the chocolaty coating, but has a smaller portion size of 51 grams. The ½ Moon is available in either chocolate or vanilla.

A Super Jos. Louis exists in individual format only, with an increase in portion size from 68 to 100 grams. It has two layers of cream filling.

In 2006, Entenmann's began distributing a duplicate of the ½ Moon in the US, with "Enten-Mini's Chocolate Half Rounds".

The Jos. Louis was recently available in a 100-calorie individual package, with 16 individual packages in a box. It was soon discontinued due to lack of consumer demand. Also included in the short lived 100 calorie packages were "Ah Caramel! and "May West" cakes.

Trivia Edit

Jos Louis is one of the favorite snacks of comedic duo, "Caillou & Tanner" which consists of Caillou Pettis and Tanner Johnson.