White Rabbit Creamy Candy is a brand of candy made by Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food, Ltd. in the People's Republic of China.


White Rabbit is white, with a soft, chewy texture. Each candy is wrapped in a printed waxed paper wrapper, but within this, the sticky candies are again wrapped in a thin edible paper-like wrapping made from sticky rice. Although the rice paper is meant to be eaten with the rest of the candy, it is not listed in the ingredients which is limited to corn starch, syrup, cane sugar, butter and milk. Each candy contains 20 calories.

In addition to the original vanilla flavour, new flavours such as chocolate, coffee, peanut, maize, toffee, coconut, lychee, strawberry, mango, red bean, yogurt and fruit have been added. The butter-plum flavour, characteristic of China, was also among the new flavours added through the years.