the 2012 tub of icecream

Yarnells Ice Cream is a Arkansas ice cream company from 1932. Ray Yarnell bought Southwest Dairy Products in its barnkrupt sale. It started out as a 5 gallen metal can of ice cream sold to ice cream parlors and drug stores. It is the only Arkansas bassed ice cream company. Then on November 30, 2011, Schulze & Burch Biscuit Company bought the company after a bankrupt sale. Most of the first flavers are gone for now. They are now open. and the moto its "Down-Home Goodness" It is sold at Wallmart, Harps,Wallgreens and others.

"Family Vacation" Yarnell's TV spot00:16

"Family Vacation" Yarnell's TV spot

"School" Yarnell's TV Spot00:16

"School" Yarnell's TV Spot

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